Islam Already Has Europe Under Control

I originally saw this as video link from Snaphanen, but it covers a lot of ground and especially gets into explaining (or trying to) why Europeans have allowed this happen. And to understand that better, I needed to read the text and I found it at Gates of Vienna, one of the few voices arguing against the Islamization of the West for the last many years. A few quotes from the video:

Politicians have made themselves into a caste: the elitist, narcissistic caste of the protected. With bullet-proof business cars, with bodyguards, with a vast crowd of people who manage their safety and every detail. Those are symbols of power. Symbols of separation. And symbols of contempt.

Yes, Western Europe has a caste system.

The only thing that separates the one country in the West from another is the details. Denmark (“the happiest country in the world”) exhibits just as much of this caste system as does Germany or France – or the USA. Physical violence from Islamists and the defenders of the caste system exists at all levels: from one-on-one harassment where people (“normies” as termed by Schlichter) live to beatings at peaceful protests to taking down the World Trade Center. And thus, the threat of violence is manifest in all.

We are witnessing the complete inability of the political caste to admit their mistakes. We are being ruled and conquered by people who are unable to take criticism or to react to any criticism in a rational way. They are mentally disabled!

What we are witnessing isn’t about intelligence, reason or logic. It is irrationality,
neurosis, psychopathy. All this has reached epidemic proportions. The madness is so omnipresent, that we don’t even recognize it anymore!

To a citizen in this society many things appear to be reasonable — just because they fit the current consensus on reason! Those highly neurotic societies are easily to manipulate: for example, by a permanent feeling of guilt. And this doesn’t mean those twelve years of Hitler in Germany or French colonialism! No, it is the DAILY guilt by which we all are kept in our neurotic trap:

  • Guilt, if we drive our car to get a newspaper.
  • Guilt, if we buy strawberries in the winter.
  • Guilt, if we smoke.
  • Guilt, if we keep the lights on in the daytime.
  • Guilt, if we, the men, pee while standing up.
  • Guilt, if we earn more than others.
  • Guilt, if we eat sugar, fat or tuna.
  • Guilt if a glacier collapses at the North Pole.

It’s a droning from dusk until dawn: Guilt! Guilt! Guilt!

Man, this goes right back to Dalrymple’s comments about Political Correctness, writ even smaller. Which is why, I think, this video is so significant. One more quote on this.

We’re witnessing a forced collectivism. It is just not called “Islamist Ummah”, but “Western Democracy”. Yet the similarities to strict Islamic societies are shocking! To live in collectivistic societies is like having to live in a dysfunctional family.

At the core there is often heavy pathological narcissism. It is comparable to the suffering of a family that is drawn into misery by an alcoholic. The relatives flee into co-dependency and indulge in the illusion of being able to control anything.

In a collectivistic-neurotic society people aren’t allowed to be self-conscious, to have a self-will or a self-esteem. Because these attitudes result in disagreements and danger — especially for the narcissists at the top — of a nation, of a faith community or a family.

Whoever collectivistically subordinates himself may be easily manipulated by emotions. As virtual compensation, as a “moral wage”, the adapted collectivist needs recognition and attention all of the time from his own echo chamber. The ideological filter bubble — this lunatic asylum — promises stability and orientation. This constant lack of affirmation is like a psychological hunger, that needs to be fed from the outside. By 24-hour refugee propaganda on TV, by the various facets of the “welcoming culture” or by going into a mosque and the rhythm of prayer.

Rationality, logic and disagreements interfere, because they cause cognitive dissonance.

There’s more. Much more. Not only for this video, but GoV also has more videos from Ms Festerling.

Update (20170916): As Ace put it with regards to the CNN “boobs” kerfuffle but with applications here:

ever get the feeling that the actual issue isn’t any particular word, but simply exerting control over you?

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