Abortion: The Leading Cause of Death in the United States

A tweet referenced an article at the Federalist and included this info:

As a proximate cause of death, induced abortion is stunningly consequential. The incidence (number of deaths) dwarfs other causes, with immense racial and ethnic disparities. In the United States in 2009, integrating official government reports on pregnancy outcomes (including abortions) and all causes of death, induced abortions were the leading cause of death for the total society, representing 32.1 percent of all deaths.

By contrast, all diseases of the heart represented 16.7 percent, and malignant neoplasms 15.8 percent, of all deaths. Induced abortions were only 16.4 percent of all deaths for non-Hispanic whites (NHWs), but 61.1 percent and 64.0 percent of all deaths for non-Hispanic blacks (NHBs) and Hispanics, respectively. For Hispanics and NHBs, deaths from abortions were 79.3 and 57.5 times, respectively, the number of homicides. For NHWs, deaths from abortion were 12.4 times the number of suicides.

Yet, despite conclusive science to the contrary, high incidence, and huge racial and ethnic disparities, induced abortion is not reported as a cause of death in U.S. vital statistics. This enables abortion to be scrubbed from the nation’s research agenda, discouraging comprehensive reporting and limiting funding to serious abortion researchers.

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