Don’t Know Much About History

FDR, in this case. It started with a Tweet (it often does):

Other than the internment of the Japanese, how was FDR a terrible person?

To which someone created a nice little list below (reformatted):

  • Supreme Court packing
  • destroying food during G.Depression while ppl went hungry to stabilize prices
  • Stealing/Nationalizing gold held by private ppl
  • praising/copying & pasting fascist policies for National Recovery Act
  • Prolonging th Great Depression
  • making deal behind Chruchill’s back giving half of Europe to Stalin
  • turning away Holocaust refugees…

I don’t agree with the phrasing of some of the entries. In particular, unless the term “fascist” is the generic left-wing, the fact is that much of FDR’s admin was filled with socialist/communist types (see The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes), so those were socialist/communist policies for the NRA and lots of other (failed) programs.

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