An Argument About Statues

A comment to Powerline post that discusses (yet again) how Trump is not “presidential”:

Trump may be vulgar, crude, petty and unpresidential. You may be intelligent, sophisticated, cultured and well-mannered. But Trump understands that this is not an argument about statues, and you don’t. Trump understands that this is merely the first step in undermining all of America’s founding institutions and you don’t. Trump understands that if he is pushed out of office by mobs on the streets and cowards in Congress, it will be the end of America. You don’t understand this.

To my mind, this makes Trump vastly superior to you in every single important quality.

Indeed. That bridge has been crossed, those horses are out of the barn, and the toothpaste is out of the tube. The GOPe, of which Powerline is a member and an advocate, didn’t do anything for the last 50 years, so now we have Trump (I’m old enough to remember that the GOPe of that time weren’t all that interested in Reagan either and spent the ensuing 30 years unable or unwilling to advance the Reagan agenda).

Update (20170824): Mr Schlichter expands on this:

But the thing is, now we’re woke, and we’ve realized that our establishment sucks, and that we’re tired of being the suckees. They didn’t listen to us when we gave them the Tea Party, so now we gave them Trump. And they’re very, very upset with us. That’s a key reason they want to undercut Trump. Some people are just always going to want to trash the guy getting the attention and wielding the influence they think rightfully belongs to them. That’s true whether they are some donkey–looking senator from Arizona or Nebraska pimping a book about his agonizing moral struggles, or some tiresome op-ed scribbler serving as the domesticated house conservative on a failing liberal rag, or the invasion-happy beneficiary of his parents’ success who finds he can’t fill the cabins on his brochure’s cruises anymore.

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