Identity Politics? It’s Here

As I wrote before, Jeff Goldstein is a remarkably talented writer, but the developments of the past few years seem to have escaped him. Being a friend of Stephen Green, one of Instapundit’s “staff writers”, does have its perks (the Instapundit megaphone), but what good is that if you still don’t get it? I don’t belong to Fjæsbog (as it’s called in Danish), so I can’t speak to rest of the post, but the excerpt at the link tells enough. One of the comments to said post:

People have said it before. I’ll say it again until it gets into thick conservative skulls.

Identity politics is inevitable with a balkanized nation. Allowing mass immigration and discouraging assimilation makes this inevitable. Why? Because in Democracy, Demographics = Power.

If you wanted politics based on ideas, you should have averted this in decades past when it could still be averted.

It is inevitable now. The anti-left practicing identity politics isn’t some regressive idea from the past that popped up out of nowhere. It’s the future that naive idealists created. There’s only so many times people can watch BLM rioting with impunity, and Mexicans waving Mexican flags at anti-Trump protests before they see the reality that exists right in front of their eyes.

Are the Mexican flag wavers going to stop? No. Is BLM going to stop? No.

So do you really expect everyone else to just give up in favor of ideals that have already been proven failures?

There are actually quite a few other commenters that understand as well. [Update - today]. Indeed, Fen of Fen’s Law has a comment as well (just keep scrolling).

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