A Health Plan Proposal

My gosh, it’s hard to keep up…

A few days ago, the Republican Congress failed to pass even a so-called “skinny repeal” of Obamacare and thus showed itself to be as bad as Nolte described:

The lies told to pass OCare are nowhere near as bad as the GOP’s SEVEN years of lies told about repealing it.

And this is why you got Trump

Someone else, somewhere, wrote something (Update 20170801: found it) to the effect that the votes would probably have been more against the repeal had political ramifications been removed, but McCain covered for the (even more) cowardly so they could keep their seats as principled Republicans (phht).

Regardless, this was all kicked off by a post at Instapundit regarding a real proposal to rework the healthcare system in the US. The proposal is here. It’s a very comprehensive and long read, but let’s just skip ahead to the end and examine the final section:

Ok, who gets hurt?

1. The lobbyists. They lose big. In fact virtually all of them wind up out of business entirely.

2. The administrators who aren’t needed and are very expensive. [skip]

3. The drug reps. [skip]

4. The PBMs [pharmacy benefit managers] [skip]

5. Anyone who refuses to change their lifestyle and instead demands everyone else cover their willful acts. [skip]

That’s a good start.

The problem isn’t that health care is “expensive.” The problem is that it’s a rip-off and is laced through with fraud, theft and arguably even racketeering from top to bottom. You can find myriad examples of what competitive prices look like for health services and products if you bother to look around, even in the United States, and since we know what those prices look like what I laid out up above isn’t a fantasy-land dream – it’s a reality we can have right now and forevermore into the future.

In essence, it is possible to repeal Obamacare and replace with something else that is well thought out, detailed and comprehensive, but that clearly (actions, louder, words) was not intended. Ever.

BTW, when Nolte’s not limited to 140 characters, he can really go to town.

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