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Liz Sheld from PJ Media this morning was on fire. Brilliant deconstruction of the last couple days hysteria from the main stream media. An excerpt (I’d copy-and-paste the whole thing, but I probably can’t):

After spending more than 24 hours going completely bonkers about the alleged content of a meeting between the White House and Russian officials, the media — ever obsessed with itself and its importance — chose to up the ante, insert itself into the story and release classified information to the world.


I have whiplash just writing about this topic, but former media/left enemy and current media/left darling-hero Jim Comey was keeping notes on his conversations with President Trump.


There was news on the Seth Rich murder yesterday but most of the media didn’t cover it. CNN decided to cover that the story it wasn’t concerned with was “dead.”

[Quote from CNN: ]It took only hours for one of the biggest stories in conservative media this week, which some outlets had chosen to focus on over news that President Trump disclosed classified information to senior Russian officials, to fall apart.

Update (20170518): Mz Sheld is just as good today as yesterday. And this time, I’m including a lot more.

President Trump has been in office less than five months and we already have a hot mess on our hands. The Democrats were handed a victory yesterday with the decision to appoint a special counsel for the “Russian investigation.” And this tragedy comes as a result of another successful operation by the left, which was the bullying of Jeff Session to recuse himself from anything that had to do with Russia.

Sessions, who met with a Russian official in his office as was his job as a senator and nothing his Senate colleagues didn’t also do, was slimed so much that he stepped away from the “investigation.” Sessions didn’t want the appearance of impropriety. Can you imagine Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder stepping aside from any investigation? Of course you can’t; it would never happen. Now we have a dumpster fire on our hands that will most likely spiral out of control.

Let me tell you how this is going to go down:

Those who are questioned in connection with the Russia/election influence operation are not going to want to talk. They will not want to talk because they do not want to get Scooter Libby-ed. Someone is going to have to get in trouble for this. The people in the Trump campaign orbit know this and they will, on advice of their attorneys, be very careful about what they say to authorities.

All the Obama folks that are comfortably situated in the DOJ and the IC will leak disinformation. The media will eat it up like candy, and there will be nonstop coverage of various and sundry “scandals.” The Democrats will campaign on the “scandal-plagued” Trump administration and this will go on for years. FOR YEARS.

What evidence do we have that the Trump campaign was involved with Russia to influence the election? There is none.

So why is it a big deal? Why do we keep hearing about it? Because the media has an agenda and the media is the one that is feeding the public information. Benghazi was downplayed, Fast and Furious was brushed off — both scandals dismissed as right-wing obsessions. Those are just two.

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