The Irony is Thick

Both Snaphanen and Uriasposten reference the May 1 celebrations in Denmark. For those unaware, outside of the US (but also in large US cities where commies and/or their lackeys might congregate), May 1 is an international solidarity day, so the lefties can put aside their disagreements on how best to get rid of the non-left (shame, imprison, torture, kill, etc) and celebrate those aspects and ideas on which they all agree. And in Copenhagen that means heading out to The Commons (Fælledparken).

Anyway, this year, like past few, the parole is for multiculturalism and diversity and open borders, but especially, to take the fight to those who are against Islam or even Islamism (the quaint name for the “bad” Islamic people): the anti-Islamists.

From Snaphanen (original Danish below the fold):

Since last year’s May 1, the vehicle attacks by Islamic terrorists in Stockholm, London, Berlin and Nice have made bloody paths through Europe and made our corner of the world more uncertain.

But, fortunately, the caring city of Copenhagen did their best to ensure that those of the left were protected against attack by these Islamic terrorists. The very same Islamic terrorists that have arrived across the open borders.

Snaphanen includes a couple, three pictures of that protection from the Commons.

For siden sidste 1.maj har islamiske terroristers bilangreb i Stockholm, London, Berlin og Nice trukket deres blodige spor gennem Europa og gjort vor verdensdel mere usikker.

Men heldigvis sørgede Københavns omsorgsfulde kommune for at beskytte venstrefløjen mod angreb fra netop de islamiske terrorister, som den selvsamme venstrefløj har åbnet grænserne for.

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