Génération Identitaire

The following is translated from the Danish website Uriasposten

It’s smoldering in the nationalist right wing many places in Europe and here I’m not just thinking about an organization like the English Defense League. I have previously mentioned the anonymous German organization Die Unsterblichen (The Immortals). Snaphanen has translated a little of an official video for the French Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity) and much is said that is very true (link to video in the Uriasposten link above). More info at Generation-Identitaire or Another [different? new? alternative?] Youth.

We are the generation of those are killed for a wayward glance, a cigarette denied or an attitude that bothers someone. We are the generation of ethnic differences, the bankruptcy of coexistence, the generation of imposed diversity.

We are the generation that is a victim of May of 68, that which would liberate us from the burdens of tradition, from knowledge and authority in school, but that which instead was liberated from their own responsibility. We have closed our history books to find our memory. We have stopped believing that our planet is a village, and that all of mankind is our family. We found that we have roots, forefathers, and therefore a future. Our only inheritance is our land, our blood, and our identity.[...]

We have turned off the TV and gone to the streets. We painted our slogans on the walls and cried out encouragement to other youths with our megaphones. We will not back down, we will not give up. We are tired of your cowardice.

You are SOS Racisme1 and diversity, sexual freedom, a sack of rice from Bernard Kouchner2. We are 25% unemployed, socially indebted3, the multi-cultural society’s explosion of anti-white racism, broken families, and a young French soldier who died in Afghanistan. You cannot look down on us. We have no use for your “youth policies”; that of being young is our policy.

Do not misunderstand us: this text is not just a manifest. It is a declaration of war. We are tomorrow and you are yesterday.

Footnotes below the fold

Update (20160529): a link to the video with English subtitles. Let’s see just how well I did….

  1. The SOS Racism group appears to be a well-intentioned, decent organization, but its record is that of a far-left repressive organization devoted to shutting off the speech of those with which it disagrees – often by violence.
  2. Those who dismiss M. Kouchner as a “poseur” refer over and over – to his fury – to an incident when he was health and overseas aid minister in 1992. He was shown on French TV carrying a sack of rice from an aid ship in Somalia. It emerged that M. Kouchner had carried the same sack ashore three times, without emptying it, until the TV crew was satisfied with its take. From an article in The Independent
  3. I don’t understand the notion of “social debt” or being “socially indebted”.
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