Che Guevara Day

Weird day today… all sort of strange things happened. Then I saw this post on Uriasposten (also Snaphanen)… well…

You know a society is on the downside when a Stalinist mass-murderer is being used til sell lighters in a random kiosk, while all of the newspapers sold there consider Lars Hedegaard and Geert Wilders to be controversial. Complete ignorance of history. Last man out, turn off the light.

But then I come home to find a strange package that turns out to be a t-shirt. That I didn’t order, but I rather like: here. Socialism is for f*gs. Heh. No, I have no idea where I will wear it. [Update (20170328): My stupid kid sent it too me ;-) .

I think from now on, weird days like today will be henceforth named, Che Guevara Day (or El Día de Che).

Man ved et samfund er på retur når en stalinistisk massemorder, kan bruges til at sælgere lightere i en tilfældig kiosk, alt imens samtlige aviser i standen betragter Lars Hedegaard og Geert Wilders som kontroversiel. Historieløsheden er total. Sidste mand slukker lyset.

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