Pandora’s Box

In a previous post, I listed a number of the ways that people not of the Left might have gotten the message that the Left hates you.

I bring this up for two reasons. The first is that a number of responses to Mr Schlichter’s article (second link above) as well as his Twitter feed are supposedly from Leftists (or those not of the Right, let’s say) who complain that they don’t hate Republicans, conservatives, etc., etc… They claim that they are just interested in creating a better society and want us all to work together.

Unmentioned is any acknowledgement of anything on that list above. How any of those items were maybe excessive. Mean-spirited. Nasty. A complete confirmation of Mr. Schlichter’s article. The fact is, until these acknowledgements are made, it’s all just Leftist taqiyya – and even then…

The second reason is that I am starting to see more posts that express an interest in retribution against the Left. Warden, one of Ace’s so-called morons, wrote that piece to which I linked in the list post above, but last night I read another from Zman.

Recently, the nation’s cat ladies have been asking the rest of us, “Aren’t you afraid that Trump is going to become a dictator and start bullying journalists and judges just to get his way?” Of course we’re all suppose to start from the premise that Trump is Hitler reborn and just looking for a reason to impose martial law. The fact that Trump has assiduously adhered to the rules of the game to this point is just proof that he is Hitler. After all, Hitler won an election too and we all know how that worked out.

My answer to that query is, “No, I’m not afraid Trump will do all those things. I’m afraid he won’t do those things.” For the last three decades, probably longer, the guys allegedly on the side of the rest of us, have been obsessed with playing by the rules. The thing I don’t fear is that Trump will “go too far” or fail to respect the rules of the game. I don’t care about those rules anymore. Those rules are the bars of the cage. What we don’t need now is a guy obsessed with procedure. We need a guy willing to break the rules.

I don’t think the Left – and by this I mean the Left comprised of nice upper-class surburban white women that controls so much – really truly understand the Pandora’s Box they opened over the last eight years. Because now the anger also incorporates that last 40 years.

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