Some Perspective

Mitch Berg from the Shot in the Dark blog forwards a couple items for posterity.

The first is one of those easily digested graphics so loved by USA Today that sort of cause more questions than they answer. In the Sept 28, 2016 issue, there’s a graphic which indicates that in the 15 or so years since the start of the Afghan war and until September 6, 2016:

Number of murders in Chicago compared to number of war dead in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.
7916 – Chicago
4504 – Iraq
2384 – Afghanistan

For the arithmetic challenged, that’s 6888 or about 100 less than Chicago.

The second is a comment I liked:

Chicago’s violent crime wave is happening because people can buy guns in Indiana.”

If that were true, then why isn’t Indiana awash in blood, too?

Odd that, isn’t it?

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