Someone provides useful and accurate descriptive terms for the two major political systems of today – and fascism is not defined as being merely something the author doesn’t like.

Once more, with feeling: our system is not socialism, but participatory fascism.

Socialism is a system in which all the major means of production are owned and operated by the state. Except perhaps for small firms or farms, all productive enterprises are state enterprises. All natural resources belong to the state. All resources are allocated and employed as the state dictates, insofar as its dictates can actually be carried out in practice (all such systems display much slack between orders given and actual conduct on the ground, owing to corruption and attempts to “fix” flaws embedded in the state’s overall plan).

Obviously the economic order that prevails in the economically advanced countries is not socialism. [...snip...]

For thirty years or so, I have used the term “participatory fascism,” [snip] a descriptively precise term in that it recognizes the fascistic organization of resource ownership and control in our system, despite the preservation of nominal private ownership, and the variety of ways in which the state employs political ceremonies, proceedings, and engagements—most important, voting—in which the general public participates. Such participation engenders the sense that somehow the people control the government. Even though this sense of control is for the most part an illusion, rather than a perception well founded in reality, it is important because it causes people to accept government regulations, taxes, and other insults against which they might rebel if they believed that such impositions had simply been forced on them by dictators or other leaders wholly beyond their influence.

Well stated, but there’s more and it’s all just as good – including references to plunder which echo the arguments made by Instapundit.

From the comments in a post at Shot in the Dark. Thanks for that.

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