More Proof the Left Doesn’t Care About the People It Affects

From Austin Bay via Instapundit, a link to an essay titled, Germany is facing a ticking time bomb of rage.

I read it. Meh. It seemed more like a paddle about in the author’s stream of conscientiousness: no real point, and no real argument, just a bunch of moderately clever musings and a couple of facts. What struck me though was the bolded point below:

On top of this, we need to look at what technology is coming our way: in the next ten years, for example, automated cars are going to be putting hundreds of thousands of men out of work just in Britain. All the Uber drivers I’ve spoken to have come from the Muslim world; all have been hardworking, courteous and obviously doing their best by their family; unlike me, they’ve made the effort to move country and have to put up with boring drunks like myself talking to them. But the low-skilled jobs they are currently doing are not going to exist for that long, and many of their sons will grow up with workless fathers, feeling confused about their identity in a rootless world, at far higher risk of mental illness, struggling to find work themselves, and feeling neither fully part of this country nor that of their father’s. In these circumstances an internationalist ideology rooted in a sense of brotherhood and rage at the rich, decadent, western world is going to appear hugely attractive.

Yes, indeed. All these second and third generation immigrants who are neither of the country to which their parents moved nor of the country from which the parents came. The languages, the cultures, the life of the old homelands remain more or less unlearned because they now have new homelands. That don’t want them. That won’t *make* them learn the new languages, the new cultures, nor the new lifestyles. That won’t enforce the laws and norms of the new homelands.

In Europe, the recent MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) immigrants and the children of the old refugees are informed by both word and deed that nothing is expected of them. They are simply paid off, monthly; with the hope that a few become semi-successful and seem to manage to integrate by dint of their own efforts – and then “market” these people as examples how well the integration process is going in general.

But the Left, the engine that is unfettering immigration, has no intention of making or helping these immigrants become anything more than trophies or mounted heads to signal the Left’s goodness. The quid to the pro, of course, is the expectation that these immigrants will be reliable voters. It should be noted that the Left is in part assisted by the Big Corporations looking for cheap labor – from chicken processing to H-1B visas – but at least this latter group values the immigrants for something productive.

Of course, making good citizens or merely just integrated aliens out of the new immigrants and refugees and the children of the old refugees is difficult. It’s doubly difficult because of the Left’s racism, the “soft bigotry of low expectations”, which is then combined with the Left’s ethnomasochism. In effect then, neither the little brown people nor the cultures to which they’ve moved are good enough for each other, so, well, nothing.

But even without those handicaps, helping immigrants integrate and perhaps even make the effort to actually become citizens (not having citizenship handed to them), requires work. But like all other policies tainted by Leftism, actual effort is never part of the equation. Make immigrants speak the language of the new homeland? Nah, just declare it a new dialect. Make them understand that rape is not an accepted way to meet girls? Nah, pretend rape doesn’t exist. Make them understand assaults and robberies are not accepted ways to meet people? Nah, Just let ‘em go. To be fair, Denmark is making an attempt, feeble though it may be. And finally, rather than reduce, or better, halt further MENA immigration? Nah, we can do this! And then just stop reporting on it; because no news means good news, you know (I couldn’t find the links I wanted in this regard, especially that use Mutter Merkel. I’ll add later if possible).

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