A “Poopfest”

Linked from Stephen Green via Instapundit:

Thursday Night Football is just another example of the NFL’s hypocrisy: The league will continue a practice that diminishes the on-field product and endangers its players, but as long as the dollars keep rolling in, it couldn’t care less.

I’ve been a Vikings fan almost since they started. Sundays (and only Sundays) were a wonderful time to hang around with my Dad, and a bit later when he got old enough, my brother, watching the “Queens”. Cheering for them. Agonizing over them.

Starting with the season extension to 14 games in ’61, followed by Monday Night Football and then Thursday Night Football, and another season extension with still more threatened, the greed-heads running the NFL continue in their quest to kill the golden goose that is NFL football.

In parallel, those same greed-heads have created strange new marketing campaigns like those pink shoes to attract that massive market of women who are sort of interested in the NFL but who just need some pathetically shallow, but visible hype like the oh-so-virtuous Breast Cancer Awareness campaign to really get interested enough to spend the huge amounts of money the NFL needs. And too, let’s not forget the unwatchable post-season games that are heavily marketed to people who don’t even care about the game (Did’ja see those Super Bowl ads? Did’ja see who played at halftime?). Man, there’s nothing like a minutes long series of fun advertisements – TV ads that stop play on the field! – to keep and maintain a team’s rhythm. You know, one of the two reasons this Football Event! is taking place.

And now, we have this.

Is it any wonder that the backbone of the NFL’s fan base, men – and especially, with this latest fiasco, white men – are losing interest?

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