A Trip Down Memory Lane

with our “piss down their backs and tell them it’s raining” Political Class (thanks to Laura W at Ace):

In a result completely predicted here, as well as every other conservative site on the web, I could neither keep my insurance, nor my doctor. Obama and everyone on the Left lied. And instead of my preferred plan, which was affordable and worked perfectly for me but was made illegal, now under pain of law I am forced to purchase a piece of crap that covers nothing.

And they knew all that, and lied about it anyway, trusting Americans to be ‘stupid’ and believe their lies.

Dear Media. Psst. Pay deadly-close attention here, for this is nearly the whole game that lost it for you:

1) pols made statements about a new policy to help it pass.
2) policy passed.
3) public discovered the policy was not as described. In a really bad way.
4) pols laughed at the public for believing them in the first place.
5) public learned its lesson, and acted accordingly.

Media: remember who was cheerleading and protecting the politicians who were enacting ACA? Remember who was vilifying those making good faith arguments against it? Defaming them as racists? It was you. And we all remember being lied to by you, too.

When you weren’t simply mocking us.

And this is how you got Trump.

Man, good times.

Update (20161205): Laura has more!

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