So, About the Media

From Powerline:

Last night, Donald Trump went out to dinner with his family at the 21 Club, where he got an ovation from the other diners. Shockingly, he failed to tell reporters he was leaving Trump Tower. So the Associated Press headlined: “Trump ditches media – the public’s eyes and ears – again.”

Two comments, one right after the other:

But what is doubly precious is the MSM’s ignorance is only outdone by their arrogance as think they’re still relevant or needed in today’s world. The truth is with the internet, YouTube, blogs, and social media, they’re obsolete. Just like authors today do not need east coast publishing houses, or artists of today don’t need record labels, President Trump, or any president in the future, does not need a “White House Press Corps.

Followed by

A tweet from Peter Beinart: Trump won a week ago. Given what we’ve learned since, his presidency is a scarier prospect now than it was then.

And the response: Good. Be terrified. If the “arc of history bends towards justice”, Trump will do for media what Obama did for coal.

Oh, man, be still my heart… this would be too good to even imagine.

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