Krauthammer’s Law is Wrong

[I will use the terms conservative and liberals loosely in the following; the terms will be used in the sense that most Americans use them. Perhaps I will come back and tighten up the usage later. Actually there are a number of things in this I'd to explore further.]

I was in a public setting at some point in which two people were talking about the election and the one mentioned the term “Low Information Voters”. I didn’t get involved in their discussion, in part, of course, because it was their discussion and people should be free to speak freely about things that interest them without some third-party asshole injecting himself to disagree. And I would’ve disagreed because at the time, it suddenly occurred to me that the term “Low Information Voter” describes a phenomenon that really doesn’t exist. Certainly not to the extent it is considered important. And not only that, it reveals a weakness in the conservative position that needs to be addressed.

We can start here with Krauthammer’s Law:

To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.

Ah, yes, stupid liberals… And here we see the first fallacy. The fact is that conservatives might say/think that liberals are stupid, but conservatives *act* as if liberals are ignorant. That is, some, many, or most conservatives think that if/when liberals are presented with or confronted by information and facts they will become conservatives or at least change their positions towards those of conservatives.

And this is stupid. It defies all logic and observable fact.

Liberals ignore or even reject any facts that don’t fit into their reality. For example, they ignore/reject the utter lack of any accomplishments that would justify electing Hillary, much less Obama, as president. Ignoring, even more so, the actions taken (or not) by Hillary during her tenure as Secretary of State is as well. Or the from the activities of Clinton Foundation. Or from those myriads of emails.

For me, the primary evidence is that liberals reject/ignore any facts regarding electoral fraud. The notion that requiring identification to vote is somehow an *ist position belies the fact that it is required almost everywhere else in the world; or that voter rolls should be periodically cleansed to remove people who’ve moved elsewhere or even died (haha! vore early and often). This about covers it:

So it appears Hillary Clinton received a slim majority of the popular vote, and the Democrats will toot this shrieking horn for the next four years. But let’s take a look at why she was so close to winning.

Virginia’s governor pardoned 60,000 felons and restored their right to vote.

President Obama allowed illegals and refugees into our nation, then openly urged Latinos to vote. The liberal courts took away many states’ rights to verify citizenship to make this possible.

The Obama administration refused to prosecute Clinton even though she committed what would have been considered treason if anyone else had done what she has done. Most importantly, the liberal media wrongly labeled Donald Trump as a racist, xenophobe, misogynist and liar, with very little to no proof, in what I think was an effort to coerce people of color to vote for Clinton.

Take away the bias in this administration; tricks; restrictions; felons; illegals; refugees; illegal votes; and the liberal-committed fraud – and add a fair and balanced media – and this would not have been even a close race. Hillary Clinton would have been decimated at the polls.

And liberals in MN went all out to defeat a Voter ID amendement to the Minnesota Constitution in 2012. The furious chin-stroking to explain why electoral fraud is just not that important was telling. Liberals, that is, not just the creepy behind-the-scenes Podesta puppet-masters or the I-vote-liberal because of some emotional thing, but regular average next-door neighbor liberals are more than happy to sabotage the electoral system to win. [Update(20161114): Unless they lose: then they care about voter integrity.]

That, in my opinion, is not stupid, it’s evil.

I believe this phenomenon is a classic, large scale example of psychological projection:

Psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others.

Up until recently, I had always found it disconcertingly insulting when liberals accused conservatives of all sorts of nasty things that they themselves have been found to be doing. Watergate is a prime example (see, for example, It Didn’t Start With Watergate by Victor Lasky). Or the treatment of Conservatives of late (especially on college campuses) – or just recently and compare that to the complaints about the McCarthy years and how the “persecutions” and “witch hunts” were wrong and excessive and inhuman – even though McCarthy et al were correct and there were Communist traitors installed throughout the US government.

And now, for me anyway, the correct formulation of Krauthammer’s Law should be:

To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives are stupid and Liberals are evil.

Update (20161220): The whole piece is classic Shaidle-esque ranting, some of which is overwrought and some of which is silly, but I liked her comments about Krauthammer’s Law quite a bit:

I, for one, think most people on the left are evil, not just the useful idiots, well-intentioned twats, and downright dupes the polite right always wants to provide cover for, for whatever weird reason.

If you prefer a less abrasive word than “evil,” then try “sinful” on for size. What else do you call those who want to steal your money and destroy your life? Who compulsively lie? Who are fine with Muslim slime raping other men’s women (or even their own) as long as nobody calls them “racist”? Who consider abortion a secular sacrament?

Yeah, yeah, I included these because they match with mine thoughts and I feel so confirmed now and virtuous too and good little me!

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