The Dreaming Continues

Right on the heels of news reports indicating a large quarterly loss at the NY Times, comes this headline from the article linked to by an Instapundit post: Biggest loser of 2016 presidential election? The media.


For Progressives, ie, those who follow the Progressive religion, financial losses, being a part of the patriarchal conspiracy which is arithmetic, mean little. However, if you read the right-wing media, you’d think the company was on the verge of falling apart. In the financial report, the results are disappointing but not catastrophic. The losses are from the Print division, decreasing ad revenues, which exceeded the revenues from the growing Digital division. See this for a better description (thank goodness for Limey papers).

The Prog media is awful, but in so many ways, the right-wing media is just as lame. And now, in frustration at the end of yet another presidential electoral campaign, in which the MSM has overplayed its hand, this time even more overtly than before, the right-wing media is hoping against hope, that this time will be different, this time the power of the MSM will be diminished. Going bankrupt is the primary hoped for option, but just the loss of respect and authority is good too.

Except that it’s not happening. It didn’t happen before. And it won’t happen now. And it will continue to not happen. Half or more of the country is quite happy to eat dinner with CNNABCCBSNBCFox and their minor leagues, the local affiliates. Many still look forward to coffee with their morning newspaper, with their crossword puzzle to help the propaganda go down. And finally, magazines, to which you can subscribe to for dirt, are freely available ready to spew the same opinions. Geez, the Progs have even tried to infect beer advertising (this attempt failed; future approaches will be more subtle).

Let’s get this straight, most of the country does not care. And members of the right care more about making shit (like products and money and stuff) as opposed to “educating the masses”. In addition, members of the right don’t seem to fathom that the Progs will literally (and I mean literally) do anything to win. Because the right doesn’t want to be awaken from their happy dreams of an America that doesn’t exist anymore (and hasn’t since Coolidge) and they’re not willing to fight to get it back, so the Progs win.

Update (20161107): As I said, Progs will do anything to win: Virginia Gov. Pardons 60,000 Felons, Enough To Swing Election.

Update (20161108): Donna Brazile is totally not sorry for leaking CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

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