Because vermin like your spawn exist

From Sarah Hoyt, via Instapundit comes this. Yet another report of an armed robber, shot in the commission of the felony, this time by a restaurant worker. The felon’s parents complain “why?”.

Nicki explains and asks,

What did these parents teach their spawn?

That his “rights” included treating others as prey? That he was entitled to assets that did not belong to him? That his need and “desperation” were claim checks to other people’s earnings?

Their son died as a predator. He walked into a peaceable establishment and tried to make prey out of the employees there. And unfortunately for him, one of his intended prey decided “Not today, motherfucker.”

His “rights” ended with the muzzle of his gun pointed at another human being.

Parents like these are why we can’t have nice things.


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