This is Brilliant

And I mean it both the Limey sense (great) as well as the ‘merican sense (very clever): A handy guide to Left-wing people for the under 10s. A few quotes, but it’s all good.

Left-wing people used to like working-class people.

Lots of left-wing people used to be working-class people.


Nowadays, working-class people are bored with socialism because it hasn’t made them rich and happy.

Nowadays left-wing people are middle-class people. Working class people are a big disappointment to left-wing people.

Left wing people now think that working class people are:
a) Simple and easily led
b) Un-enlightened and susceptible to short-term pleasures
c) Terribly sad and struggling, unable to cope on their own
d) All of the above


Left-wing people care so much that they love the whole entire planet. Other people don’t care about the planet, they only care about themselves and other people that they know. This means that left-wing people have to love the planet even more, even more than they actually like other people.

Left-wing people show that they care by telling other people about how much they care. They send special “I care” signals to other people.


Left-wing people care so much, it makes them hate people who don’t show that they care. These people are right-wing people. Left-wing people have given them a name. It is “Tory scum”. Left-wing people like to shout at the right-wing people and tell them that they are scum even when they aren’t listening.

Shouting at the Tories is another way to show that they care. Caring is very important to left-wing people.

Left-wing people care so deeply that they don’t have time for thinking and convincing. They use their precious time for shouting about caring.

The comment/quote at the bottom of the article by Orwell (you’ll have to see for yourself) is particularly insightful in that it shows Left-wing people have been ever thus.

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