There Will Be War

Sage words.

For democracy to exist without massacre, pogroms, arson, and ethnic cleansing, requires very high levels of social cohesion and trust that we no longer possess, and that our government has been systematically destroying. Diversity plus proximity means war. If white males start nakedly pursuing their own interests the way that every other interest group does, it is going to be war. If they don’t, genocide.

War is easy, peace is hard. Governments everywhere have forgotten how easy war is, how difficult peace is, and gleefully throw jet fuel on the fire. The natural state of mankind is war. Peace requires a high level of trust, cooperation, and well functioning social technology, all of which are being enthusiastically dismantled. Peace is an elaborate machine with many moving parts, all of which have to work together correctly.

The anglosphere has been internally peaceful since the Mormon War and the War of Northern Aggression, so we think internal peace is natural. This, however, is survivorship bias. The anglosphere rules the world because of long internal peace. But peace is not natural. Peace is hard. Ever since the wealthy and successful were driven out of the inner cities, we have been on a trajectory to where politics gets serious.

You can read the rest of the post, what comes before, to see what “politics” entails.

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