Clueless to the Very End

One of the things that has bothered me of late, over the past few years, is how resistant to reality various (groups of) people are. Hillary supporters, of course, but especially those who support unrestricted immigration from third-world countries. In a post today, Vox Day includes a comment from someone, “a teacher at a public school”, who has realized the state is not your friend. He comments about how clueless (our present) leaders are and includes this quote:

The comment you posted this morning from the German president about something being wrong with the people brought to me another sudden realization. Leaders as a class have never studied the antecedents of revolution. If they had, they would keep on their desks a handy checklist and refer to it often. But they truly are clueless. Revolutions are not a form of spontaneous combustion. I am reminded of the final words of Madame Ceausescu as she was put up against the wall: “You can’t do this; I treated you like my children.” Clueless to the bitter end.

I had hoped to find some sort of “good explanation” as why people make decisions for themselves and also others that defy reality. Maybe there is no good explanation.

Update(20160814): Actually this is a bit of a “down-date” because Ace discussed this topic a few days ago on the heels of another column by Peggy Noonan documenting her growth from cluelessness.

Update(20160814): A real update, from the always erudite Wretchard (aka Richard Fernandez):

Over 20 years, an industry arose to cater to the smug style … and culminated for a time in The Daily Show, a program that more than any other thing advanced the idea that liberal orthodoxy was a kind of educated savvy and that is opponents were, before anything else, stupid.

But to anyone outside the echo chamber the joke was on Stewart and his cronies. The average person could see the invidious contrast; how easily the email accounts of 100 Democratic bigwigs could be hacked, with what contemptuous ease someone could make off with the DNC’s emails, steal all the OPM records. They watched as time after time suspects “well known to the police” executed successful terror attacks in Western cities despite the assurances of the laughing men.

They saw ISIS run off with billions of dollars of foreign military aid; saw the “smartest people” in history rolled. They were regaled by the spectacle of Putin booting Obama out of the Middle East with a midget air force and a rustbucket navy. They witnessed a bunch of armed thugs torch a US consulate in Benghazi without the dying ambassador even able to make that 3 am call to Hillary Clinton. They watched Turkey wobble and Europe overrun by migrant tides.

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