This Is Both Annoying and Overwrought

Driscoll linked to an article from something called The Stream in which the author posits:

With the new legal fight in Iowa over the free speech of Christian pastors, we must face a brutal fact: The position of Christians in America is more endangered now than it has been since the Pilgrims’ “starving time” of 1620. We are threatened by a relentless social, economic, cultural and political elite that finds our basic beliefs intolerable — in the literal sense.

Good grief. He’s claiming that two thirds of America’s Christians are due to die in the next eight years? What kind of annoyingly overwrought BS is this?

You know, I agree that Christians are going to be tested in the next few years, but the fact of the matter is that they are still a majority, if not a plurality, of the population. They can still vote. They can still run for office. There is much money on their side. And ultimately, if it need be said, they are armed. Well, many of my Christian friends and neighbors are anyway – and carrying.

More, still more of giving stupid people a voice.

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