Elitists Are So Dumb

I don’t have a Twitter Feed and won’t, but I follow various people and this “conversation” came up via Instapundit’s feed.

Never seen so many liberals so worried about the direction of the financial markets and so unworried about average people’s discontent

Average people are manipulated easily and almost never by facts. Demagogues like Trump attract average people. No thank you.

Liberals used to care about the ‘masses.’ Now they despise & mock them. While giving big money speeches to investment banks.

I side with the Founders, most cannot be trusted with power. They do not accept the nuance and pragmatism needed.

ah, the old “i know what’s best i’m totally right everyone that disagrees is totally wrong”

Nice strawman bud

The first thing that struck me was utter lack of self-awareness: if those “average people” are manipulated so easily and almost never by facts, then the elites have done a pretty poor job of manipulating them.

The second thing was how that same respondent went immediately towards changing the subject and slamming the average people. That he and his ilk may have chosen poorly with regards to government policies and compounded it by miscalculating the response is not even up for discussion.

Others have noticed:

In the wake of Brexit vote, elites seem to be doubling down on strategy of attacking domestic voters. It’s foolish.

Even more others:

For a long time, Britons who wanted their country to leave the European Union were regarded almost as mentally ill by those who wanted it to stay. The leavers didn’t have an opinion; they had a pathology. Since one doesn’t argue with pathology, it wasn’t necessary for the remainers to answer the leavers with more than sneers and derision.

Even after the vote, the attitude persists. Those who voted to leave are described as, ipso facto, small-minded, xenophobic, and fearful of the future. Those who voted to stay are described as, ipso facto, open-minded, cosmopolitan, and forward-looking.

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