He Won’t Use the C-Word

That is, cuckservative, but you can watch as Ace spirals in towards the Alt-Right. This is a very strong post, but the line bolded below is the one I wanted to highlight. I had never thought of the present political situation (as in, the last 30 years or so) in this way before. Also note how Fen’s Law is re-asserted in the following paragraph.

So I don’t give a fuck anymore if some dishonest bitch dishonestly feigns offense over the term “Pocahantas.”

It’s time to start treating them as what they are — dishonest liars trying to control you.

And it’s time to start treating them as straight up internal enemies.

We tried it polite. We’ve been falling all ourselves for 30 years to try to convince the increasingly extremist left wing assholes that we’re not all the foul things they call us.

It’s impossible — their jobs, their income, and their government subsidies depend on us being treated as second-class citizens and beasts for taxation.

It’s about time we woke and realized they cannot be convinced, because they never really believed their bullshit anyway, it was always for the purposes of exacting rents out of people and making them knuckle under.

And I’m afraid our current leadership just can never get that — they find themselves too afraid to go against their class, they fear too much the idea of being outcasts from their castes.

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