I Contributed and So Should You

The group Judicial Watch a government [corruption] watchdog is very, very good at what they do and I’ve contributed money to them in the past. The one thing that stops me sending more is that once you’re on their mailing list, they simply do not stop sending requests for more money. Like once a week. Real mail. Flyers, regular size envelopes. big ol’ multi-page letters on nice paper in 8×11 envelopes, emails, probably phone calls too (but we dont answer unknown calls). I have this feeling that my contributions, a la Lenin’s comment about capitalists, are used solely to pay for all the requests for more money.

So, they get some and no more.

On the other hand, the Daily Caller News Foundation and its Investigative Group continually uncover all sorts of shenanigans. These are real news reports, not investigations into how Donald Trump called an overweight employee Miss Piggy (way to dig deep, Politico). And ever since I contributed to them, they don’t (haven’t) sent any requests for more.

NB. Do not confuse the foundation with the Daily Caller news site. While the Daily Caller (probably the parent of the Foundation) uses Foundation reports, it also keeps a really “busy” website using all sorts of tacky click-bait. Visits there (with or without ad block) turn my browser experience into a nightmare of slow-motion, never-quite-finished downloads that just spin and spin…

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