The Poor Children

The following is translated from the Danish website Uriasposten. The post itself is an excerpt from the original post at another Danish website Tidehverv. I will, at least for now, limit the translation to a portion of that seen at Uriasposten. I may return to expand what was translated – perhaps do the original post in it’s entirety with permission – but for now I found the few paragraphs below very interesting.

That, which controlled the behavior of young men 40 to 50 years ago, was not primarily the threat of punishment, but a personal code of conduct inculcated through the authority of their parents. The code was internalized. That young men are small, unexploded bombs of energy and drive who can perform miracles if properly led or catastrophes if not is a well-known truth. Boys have a need for authority, freedom and elbow room. Modern day institutions enveloped in barbed wire where most boys spend the majority of their waking hours until their 20s provide none of these things. They are fenced-in fortresses of relativism and, as such, tyrannical and regimented.

Authority is not in opposition to freedom, it is a precondition. Because children 40 years ago had a real authority in their parents and internalized this slowly, they could be let out into the world unsupervised from morning to evening with the trust that when they themselves became adults would rarely misuse their freedom and authority over their own children…

The notion at that time was not that children were innocent angels but were, on the contrary, sinners. Therefore, they were given all the laws and authority that sinners might need in this world. [...] As they are much more social creatures, girls do not suffer in the same way that boys do in the both physical and mental confinement of institutions. They are in, general, harmed much less that are boys. When, however, they grow up in a world where their mothers are replaced by female child-experts, they too find themselves unprepared for adult life. We see the result everywhere around us: the total infantilization of both sexes. Lifelong teenagers.

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