A Definite “Heh”

Too funny. A twitter thrust and riposte:

To my fellow white people, there’s NO such thing as reverse racism. The only ones who can be racist are us. We have to do work to end it.

Followed by

I actually love this one because to me it screams “THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND WHITE PEOPLE”.

BTW, the latter guy is black.

Update (20160308): And because the exchange above came from Instapundit, I think it only fair to include this too:

Because calling him a rapist makes white, upper-class women feel good about themselves, and making white, upper-class women feel good about themselves is the supreme value in our society today, especially at expensive private schools.

Which admittedly seems unrelated, but it actually isn’t. I also included it because I’ve been saying this for the last couple of years and it’s nice to get confirmation and a short, pithy phrase to boot.

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