The Republican Party delenda est

Yeah, I almost went to the local caucus, for the first time, in fact, to support my guy. But other things came up and I found myself reading this very interesting post. I went through the Zero Hedge blog and on to the blog of David Stockman, the original author of it. Some quotes below the fold.

America will need the Almighty’s unstinting favor if Donald Trump becomes our 45th President. Still, blessed be The Donald for running a demolition derby in the Republican primaries.

There is no hope for the future of capitalist prosperity and a free society at home and world peace abroad unless the Republican Party is destroyed. And, by golly, Trump may well accomplish the deed.

Well, that certainly sets a tone…

We need to be clear. There is no longer a Republican Party rooted in the main street highways and byways of America. [...]

The fact is, the GOP has mutated into the Warfare State party. Nestled comfortably in the Imperial City, it operates a plethora of special interest rackets which underwrite its incumbents’ bi-annual electoral campaigns out in the provinces.

In the interim, GOP politicians idle their time in the capital and on foreign junkets conjuring and embellishing scary stories about terrorist threats and hostile regimes. So doing, they perceive enemies of the American Imperium to be stalking the planet everywhere and even creeping onto these exceptional shores.

In a word, as the party of the Warfare State, the GOP’s main business has become promoting the agenda, campaigns, machinations and glory of the Imperial City. Whenever its pro forma rhetoric about small government and fiscal prudence becomes inconvenient to the needs of the military/industrial/surveillance complex or the fund-raising requirements of its special interest rackets, the GOP’s putative conservative economics platform quickly becomes “inoperative” in the Nixonian vernacular.

There is no better prototype for the new GOP than Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

I’d like some further explanation of that comment about “scary stories about terrorist threats and hostile regimes”. Regardless, it’s still a fun read and it’s goes on much longer.

On the other hand, Stockman’s dreaming. Most Americans have little or interest in a return to power of old-school, pre-60s Republican conservatism and they certainly won’t vote it in. Jim Geraghty of National Review discusses this often.

Still a good rant tho’.

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