Stop Making Stupid People Famous

Nicely put. Something I’ve been thinking about of late but could not formulate it as well as this. It’s from a comment from a linked and quoted post by Instapundit (yes, another) from Peggy Noonan who not only continues to get and deserve all the abuse heaped on her in the comments, but also describes the Trump phenomenon very astutely.

As to the title, it seems to me that one of the reasons for having the worst political class in history is that the media gives so many knuckleheads a(n inter)national forum to express their ignorance (usually) and stupidity (often) as if it were something worthwhile that we all should know about. In addition, the media will overlook, and indeed, cover-up, ignorance and stupidity along with out-and out venality if the person in question is on the same political team.

Update (later in the day): Funny. Ace discussed another stupid nobody becoming famous just the other day.

Update (20160316): From Driscoll via Instapundit, “CNN decries violence by Trump supporters, then gives a voice to a violent radical leftist who tried to attack Trump”.

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