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It is interesting as I go through old drafts trying to see if any are worth resuscitating how many discuss topics that are still relevant. And unresolved.

The last few days on Kurt Schlichter’s Twitter feed involved a bunch of snarky back-and-forth between Kurt and someone who should be smart enough to know better about Single Payer, aka socialized medicine (see below the fold for a tweet thread example).

An article from the Good Ol’ Days of the Obama administration seem pertinent:

Despite millions of extra dollars in funding for the VA system, the culture of disregard at many veteran hospitals across the country remains the same and wait times for medical care have doubled, not decreased.

But perhaps one of the most egregious and disgraceful instances of complete disregard for veteran care comes after an inspector general investigation found a suicide hotline set up for those in immediate danger, went unanswered and to voicemail. To make matters worse, when vets left voicemails needing help, their calls were not returned.

@smenor 31 Dec 2018

Universal healthcare frees people from being tied to shitty jobs, it frees them from being financially destroyed if they get in a car wreck or a family…


It frees people from having to support themselves, allowing them to make other people work for them.


Jesus fuck, dude, could you be more full of yourself or more wrong ?

Frame it that way if you like, but in truth, it frees people to take chances starting their own companies, or educating or training themselves.

News flash, liar.
I live in Canada where I have “free” health care. It costs my province 50% of its budget. The quality sucks. The government decides your value.
There are still people working crappy jobs for crappy pay, getting crappy health care.
And crappy people brag about it

I’ve heard of Canadians traveling to Boston for medical procedures because of the inadequate healthcare in Canada.

60,000 Canadians a year go to the States for health care and pay out of pocket.
Every year…

If that’s the case, then where would US citizens go for healthcare if a universal healthcare program was the only choice in the US? Mexico?

Hey now. Don’t upset them with the stats.

Oh. And I’m looking for an American to adopt or sponsor my family. We’re healthy ????

I love all the “theories” about what “free” healthcare will accomplish:

1. People will be free to pursue their passion business!!!!

Doesn’t line up with reality in Canada where taxes are crippling businesses.

Alberta has had the fastest fleeing investment sector in the world for the last 3 years. Provincial and federal governments came with taxes. Not one public service has improved by ANY measure.
We used to attract 100,000 people a year to our province, now we’re hemorrhaging them.

Just needs more government control…

A woman who works for me in Edmonton was in a car accident last January and it took nearly an act of Parliament for her to get an MRI in Canada five months later!

31 Dec 2018
We’ve all had our stories like that with friends and relatives.

My mom has to wait 7 weeks to see a cardiologist. It’s bad.

And what’s scary is the entire population of Canada is less than California. Can you imagine national healthcare for 320 million Americans plus another 20 million illegals? What could possibly go wrong

I live in ???????? and I lived in ???????? too where our universal healthcare system is falling apart after decades of deficits, in spite of outrageous social security taxes. They detroyed our small/middle size businesses in a hellish downward spiral of higher taxation and under-investment????

Replying to @clintupham @KurtSchlichter @smenor
Nothing beats waiting 2 years for a 2-hour procedure. “Free” Canadian healthcare sucks.

Our taxes pay for healthcare which is abused by many people who don’t live here and don’t pay taxes. They go on welfare and live abroad. They sublet their subsidized apartments. They set foot in Canada once every six months to keep their coverage going. Canadians are really nice!

My “free” healthcare in Canada means I have to pay a private clinic $3,200 just for an annual checkup. Only access I have to “free” healthcare is via walk-in clinic or emergency room.

Why? Where specifically do you live?

Never mind, just saw on your profile. I live less than an hour away from you and have access to full services. I don’t understand why you don’t?

I am on the province’s waiting list to get a referral to a family doctor. If you have one already, lucky you. But those of us who have had their family doctor retire, or who have moved, often have to wait years to find a new one.

I’m aware of all these things, but $3200 for an annual exam seems excessive.

If you know somewhere cheaper than Medcan to have it done, please let me know

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