A Progressive is Always a Progressive

There’s all sorts of good things in this fine rant by Jonah Goldberg- I was especially interested in the new and interesting ways Mr Goldberg exposes Democrats/liberals/progressives as car salesmen of the State, and there’s always more undercoating to sell. A more encompassing, less specific form of this (man, I love that poster).

However, the real reason for this post is to remember the points about Hoover and how progressives are progressives, regardless of party affiliation (the links in the original not included):

Bernie Sanders slandered Herbert Hoover[...]

I’m not a big fan of Herbert Hoover, but the notion that he was this heartless bastard cheapskate is total mythmaking. Even William Leuchtenburg, the dean of New Deal historians, has conceded that “almost every historian now recognizes that the image of Hoover as a ‘do-nothing’ president is inaccurate.” Indeed, the sad fact is that if Hoover had done nothing, the Great Depression probably would never have become Great in the first place. Doing nothing did wonders for the Depression of 1920–21.

Hoover was the father of the New Deal (and Woodrow Wilson was the grandfather). As I’ve written many times before in this “news”letter, Hoover was a progressive Republican.

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