Oh, Be Still My Beating Heart

From an interesting post with some interesting comments, came this one from Mr. du Toit:

If Cruz wins, we Texans are gonna need to find a new Senator, damn it. I’m a HUGE Cruz supporter, always have been. He was the first of the “Tea Party senators” elected when the TP became a factor in U.S. politics.

While I share Shlomo’s pessimism sometimes, I refuse to submit. One thing I do know: the political establishment might hate Trump, but they fear Cruz because unlike the Donald, Cruz doesn’t make deals. And Cruz is implacably opposed to un-Constitutional governance practices, so he’ll do things like rescind previous executive orders, and instruct government departments to eliminate 50% of their regulations — which, as Chief Executive, he has the Constitutional authority to order.

Here’s an example: the Department of the Environment is a Cabinet-level department only because it was made thus through an executive order by Jimmy Carter. Ted Cruz could rescind its Cabinet status by rescinding Carter’s EO — which he can do, Constitutionally speaking — which would automatically result in budget cuts because the DoE would legally have to be treated with a different budget authorization process by Congress. It’s also the way you can reduce staffing levels — if the department needs 25 agents to enforce Regulation #2.350 and Regulation #2.350 goes away, so does the staffing requirement. (I know, they can’t be fired, but they can be reassigned and their positions never filled. In the end, the result is the same.)

Here’s the reason why the Establishment fears Cruz: because he CAN effect a huge amount of change, and can do it with all the Constitutional (i.e. legal) protections of his office, which means that they have NO legal recourse to stop him. If any judge saw that Cruz’s Constitutional-based action was, in effect, reversing an earlier extra-Constitutional action, he won’t touch it, let alone reverse it. THAT is why Cruz is feared, because he will be in a position to change the political system — and by the way, as a one-time prosecutor, Cruz’s Justice Department WILL go after lawbreakers (e.g. Hillary Clinton) which is why the Democrat establishment (e.g. the media) is having hysterics about his Iowa victory.

Expect to hear him being called a Bible-thumper, rightwinger, gun nut and all the little epithets the media can throw at him. This frightens Lefties, but not normal people who live in Flyover Country.

Whatever happens from now, it’s gonna be fun.

Oh, man, a real, purposeful movement toward smaller government. My heart, my age… oh, Elizabeth, this is the big one.

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