It’s Still Job #1

In a previous post, I quoted someone who stated

The job of the political system is to ensure that the average citizens can live a life free of politics.

The notion really stuck with me and I see others are coming to same realization, albeit from a slightly different angle:

This isn’t about the migrants, per se. This is about a complete and total failure of the political class in ostensible democracies, in which the ruling class seems committed to ruling against the interests of the people they supposedly represent, and actively — proudly — takes a position against them whenever it can.

The fact is, once the ruling class commits itself, for whatever sick, selfish reason, to rule against the interests of the people they represent, those people will respond by becoming interested in politics. Moreover, these are very much the kind of people who don’t know much about the political system and have little respect for it. Indeed, why should they? They now have be involved in activities they normally don’t want to be involved in. They will demand a return to the status quo ante – or they will tear things down and start all over. The West has now entered this vale…

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