So True

Donald Douglas mentions one of the, if not the worst thing about Trump’s candidacy: his followers. The tweets Dana Loesch’s received for coming out against Trump in National Review are pathetic. Days, weeks, months from now, they won’t be available anymore, so I hope they’re being archived.

This, in a follow-up tweet to one of the threads above, is so true:

As a Conservative some of the strangest debates I have ever had are with “fellow conservatives”

Debating with the mindless left is frustrating but it can be worthwhile; debating with the mindless right is pointless. The comments in Hot Air, PJ Media, Small dead animals, heck, even Ricochet. Stay away.

On the other hand, this comment from here (which does, in general, have good comments) is worth remembering:

I’m a Cruz fan, and I don’t trust Trump farther than I could throw him. But he’s like the kid who finally shouted out that the emperor has no clothes, and that’s no small thing these days in American politics.

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