Fen’s Second Law

Let’s re-visit: The Left doesn’t really believe in the things they lecture the rest of us about.

So, I was thinking about this and it occurred to me that, a guy could derive other, related laws, sort of like Teslacle’s Deviant to Fudd’s Law.

So, herewith, Fen’s Second Law: The Left really does believe in the things of which they accuse their opponents.

What the heck does this mean? It means they assume that the very things of which they accuse their opponents are based on the very activities they themselves practice. Here’s an example. Here’s another. There’s more. A conspiracy that controls the media is routinely ascibed the the right, but actually existed as the left-wing JournoList Google group. And the right is always accused of being the party of the rich, but the facts is actually the opposite.

Update (20160206): One of the great shibboleths of the modern Left is how awful McCarthyism was (even though McCarthy was right). That said, however, blacklisting those who deviate from accepted wisdom, is a widely used activity of the Left and thus another example of Fen’s Second Law. And if that weren’t enough; the blacklisting need not involve academic discussions far away involving other people: the more mundane, everyday occurrence of this is seen in the activities of SJWs. There’s probably one near you.

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