The Lamest Duck

This article is brilliant:

President Obama spent the week defending his proposals to curb gun violence, culminating in a CNN town hall. Think about that. What else happened during the last few days that might warrant a presidential town hall?

Oh, nothing much:

  • Iranian protestors stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran after the House of Saud executed a Shiite cleric, escalating sectarian warfare in the Middle East
  • The stock market tumbled on fears of a global economic slowdown
  • A U.S. soldier was killed in action in Afghanistan, where the Taliban controls more ground than at any time since 2001
    Iran revealed the existence of an underground ballistic missile launch site
  • North Korea detonated a nuclear device
  • A terrorist was foiled in Paris on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre

The following statement

What actually results from a given policy seems no longer to matter to him.

stood out for me in that I was unaware that Obama ever cared. But, then, the left is like that (Fen’s Law and all).

I see this accusation a lot.

What we get instead is more of the same: a sustained presidential trolling of conservatives and Republicans, as the president uses the bully pulpit to provoke, to titillate, to polarize. With no other goal in mind than to make the GOP look extremist.

That’s because, as the political party of well-behaved white people, he can be absolutely certain that there will be no push-back. Which is seen in the same way that the left abuses Christianity; it’s completely safe.

Of course, it’s not just the US and Obama:

On [the first anniversary of the Charlie massacre,] Germany springs to action over hate speech against migrants

And geez, see this. It’s even evident to a reporter from the AP how fundamentally unserious the Obama State department is.

Update (20160110): And here, in this list of 15 Stats That Destroy Liberal Narratives, there’s this:

In other words, all of the disruption, spending, taxation, and premium hikes in Obamacare has only reduced the percentage of U.S. residents without health insurance by 2.7 percentage points, from 13.9% to 11.1%: a remarkably small reduction, and far lower than what the law was supposed to achieve.

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