Six Times the Mainstream DC Media Ridiculed Children of Republicans

… wait, seven:

One of the biggest lies told by our corrupt and rotting DC Media is the one that states that the children of politicians are off-limits. Unwritten or unspoken, there is no such rule. There is, of course, a strictly-enforced DC media rule about the children of Democrat politicians being off-limits. The children of Republican politicians, however, have always been fair game — and I’m not talking about in the left-wing fever swamps, but in mainstream outlets such as the Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, and Salon.

But let’s not forget the episodes involving Sarah Palin’s kids that could be “reported on” as
indirect ridicule? That is, by repeating a story ridiculing Palin’s children, one can continue the ridicule as merely reporting the controversy.

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