Fen’s Law Again

I’m not as good about adding examples of this as I could, nay, should be; a guy could probably build an entire website documenting examples Fen’s Law in action. I should try, in this new year, the last of the Our Narcissist-in-Chief’s regime, to be better about adding these. That said, Ace posted this yesterday, “Undisputed PR Leader for the Progressive Movement” Shuts Down After Claims of Rampant Sexual Harassment and Even Sexual Assault. Yeah, so what? He’s just another individual criminal, right? From the original article (from Huff Post?!?), these quotes:

Those ties also prevented some of these women from initially talking about what happened to them. “If I stopped interacting with all the men in the progressive movement who made inappropriate statements or advancements to me in this business, I’d be nowhere,” said a former FitzGibbon client.

“I couldn’t speak up because I was afraid of retaliation — that I would get fired if I spoke up,” added a female FitzGibbon staffer…

“This is probably a story you could tell at 15 other organizations,” said a former Fenton employee who worked with FitzGibbon. “There are probably 20 other Trevors in our progressive movement in Washington.”"

To which Ace adds:

How could it be that women working as part of a political movement ostensibly so dedicated to fighting rape culture would fear being ostracized and shunned if they reported on the alleged sexual harassment of one of the Kings of Anti-Rape Culture?

How could it be that sexual harassment is rampant in this movement?

How could there be twenty “Trevors” in a movement so dedicated to women’s sexual autonomy?

Why, it’s almost as if cult leaders become cult leaders for the power and the access to women.

Fen’s Law proven again.

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