Mass Killings That Don’t Happen Outside the US

In conjunction with Patterico’s posting about Our Knucklehead’s comments regarding the Planned Parenthood shootings, I ended up here, in which a commenter wrote the following:

International violence victims in nations with “Gun Control.”

Behring Anders Breivik killed 75, 2011, Norway BOMBS & GUN
Mohammed Merah killed 7, 2012, France GUN
Genildo Ferreira de França killed 14, 1997, Brazil GUN
Alejandro Gutierez killed 7, 1998 Spain MACHETE
Michael Robert Ryan killed 16, 1987, UK GUN
Eric Borel killed 15, 1995, France GUN
Friedrich Leibacher killed 14, 2001,Switzerland GUN
Christian Dornier killed 14, 1989, France GUN
Ljubiša Bogdanovi? killed 13, 2013, Serbia GUN
Derrick Bird killed 12, 2010, UK GUN
Robert Steinhäuser killed 16, 2002, Germany GUN
Tim Kretschmer killled 15, 2009, Germany GUN
Wellington Menezes de Oliveira killed 12, 2011, Brazil GUN
Bai Ningyang killed 12, 2006, China KNIFE
Juhani Matti Saari killed 10, 2008, Finland GUN
Huanming Wu killed 9, 2010, China KNIFE
Ahmed Ibragimov killed 41, 1999, Russia GUN
Ami Popper killed 7, 1990, Israel KNIFE
Antoní Blažka killed 6, 2013, Czech Republic GUN
Matsuko Inoye killed 21, 2012 Japan SWORD

A few of these I know of, so perhaps they are all true? Also strictly speaking, when the Obamists start to parse and split hairs about what the Knucklehead actually said, the number of GUN-only incidents is also non-zero.

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