… and Then What?

Driscoll on Instapundit links to an editorial in Jewish World Review that complains rightfully about our weak, confused and ‘unable to grasp’ President.

“Unable to grasp.” That will be the epitaph for the Obama presidency. When an American president says he wants to “lead from behind,” the enemies in the Middle East, and there are many, take him at his word and naturally assume that he means he wants to fool about on the margins, make speeches, play a little golf (or a lot), insult those who disagree with him and accuse them them of base motives. Commanders in chief no less than privates and corporals can decamp from sworn duty. Barack Obama’s great weakness is that he has never understood America, nor does he apparently want to.


To be honest, I tire of these complaints about why we don’t do something, anything to ISIS, to Iran, to the Middle East? What would the writer have he do? If there’s anything I’ve learned since Dubya’s Iraq war and the subsequent rebuilding, it’s that the US body politic is too shallow and capricious to form the backbone of a multi-administration government that would be considered a trustworthy ally, but also that the residents of the Middle East are, by and large, too self-centered and ungrateful to appreciate either our presence or our attempts to rebuild.

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