Paris and the So-Called Far-Right

Drudge linked to this; one of those opinion pieces disguised as news. The author makes a number of mentions of how the so-called far-Right is exploiting or will exploit these attacks; implied, of course, for evil and nefarious purposes. Normally, I wouldn’t give an article like this the time of day, but as a “tell”, a giveaway as to how the Establishment really thinks, I found it clarified some thoughts I’ve had.

More broadly, analysts warn that the Paris attack also has the potential to fuel the on-going rise of Europe’s Right-wing parties who have warned of the posed by uncontrolled migration – both in terms of immediate security but also to Western’s Europe’s culturally liberal way of life.

This seems to me to be a rather significant admission of error; a failure to understand the dangers posed by uncontrolled immigration. Now, normally a political failure of this magnitude, let’s say for a topic less overtly deadly, would indicate a primary reason to support and vote for parties opposed to it and proven correct. But in this case, in which the so-called far-Right (a conglomeration that includes the centrist-in-all-but-immigration parties like the Danish People’s Party) has been shown to be correct in its concerns, no.

Those (apparently) supporting uncontrolled immigration merely need to re-set and re-calibrate. Indeed, this quote:

“If mainstream governments keep letting cultural sensitivities stand in the way of a robust assessment of the situation, then the far-Right will only exploit this issue further, and turn to ever more reductionist and populist solutions.”

If the past is any indication, the “robust reassessment” will, first of all, result in positions roughly analogous to those held by the racist, xenophobic far-Right of 20 years ago. Any actions taken will, however, involves faster and more aggressive “spin” of the situation along with the addition of more “security theater” (aka annoyances for people not causing problems) and the appearance of controls on (still) uncontrolled immigration – the controls will, however, be limited to white, Judeo-Christian types, again, the ones not causing problems.

Update: John R. Schindler has some suggestions for could really be done:

As I explained back in January, after the last outrage in Paris, although France has very competent security services, among the best in Europe at countering terrorism, the number of potential jihadists is now so vast that no intelligence agency can reliably track and deter them all. [...]

Unless Paris is willing to contemplate harsher measures, such as the internment of potential jihadists, known Islamist radicals, we should expect more attacks.

… hmm, internment and then what? So, some “far-Left” group can start fighting for their release? I seem to recall that even after a stint in Guantanamo, those released from there went back to their old “jobs”.

If Hollande has the gumption to do [this], France can still turn the tide against the jihadists and save many lives. “We know who they are, we usually know where they are,” explained a French counterterrorism official, an old friend, to me in the hours after the Paris attacks: “But will Paris let the gloves come off now? I don’t know.”

There’s a great comment about Obama that follows; read the whole thing, as is said.


Truth be told, after going through the effort to add in this Update, I don’t see the part where the Jihadists are simply killed. The fact is, since seven of the eight were ready to commit suicide, something more permanent than internment is going to have to be considered.

Update (20151116): Right on time and right on target.

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