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Someone I know asked me to comment on a post by Kevin D Williamson: Bernie Sanders’s Denmark Comments Show He Doesn’t Even Understand His Own ‘Socialism’. In response, I wrote a lot and erased a lot too, and this revision is what I ended up with. I should probably rewrite/revise it again because there are a lot of things I don’t like about it, but what the… værsågod og spis:

I read the post again. I think my biggest criticism of it reminds me
of the seven blind men around the elephant: they all perceive the
entire animal to be only what they know/feel. Because BS apparently
got the tail end, his perception is full of shit and KW is right to call
him on that. KW’s perception, however, while better, is also flawed.

There is very little of the libertarian, ie, old time liberal, in Denmark.
Regulations abound and even unregulated behaviors are judged as
“incorrect” or “inappropriate”. These latter are frowned upon (you
are made aware of your impropriety). Everything is taxed. Heavily.
And everyone pays these taxes (one thing with which I agree). That
ol’ phrase, “there oughtta be a law” applies to Scandis in general
because there is a law, written or not, for everything. I think this
is why so many Scandis in general and Danes in particular don’t go
back to “little mother Denmark” after three or more years here in
the US.

The appearance of liberty in Denmark is due to a strong sense of
practicality as to what to enforce and not. Drug laws exist, but as
long as the druggies don’t cause problems, little is done. Porn,
though not child porn, was simply legalized to avoid having to deal
with it – nudity is a big nothing. This practicality also has a flip-side;
with regards to theft, break-ins, home assaults and the like, the
crime probably won’t get a police visit unless it is particularly awful
or expensive (can you file a report with the police on Monday?).
Making money by setting up hidden speed cameras, the police
are all over that – unless it’s in an “immigrant” area, because…

… very few of these restrictions applies to non-white immigrants
They can pretty much do anything they want unless or until they
really eff up, then they’ll get the standard, traditional slap on the
wrist that worked just fine when Denmark had “strong property
rights, relative freedom from corruption, low public debt,
freedom of trade and investment, etc.”). Nowadays, the less
desirable immigrants will break the law so they can spend
some quality vacation time in a Danish jail (I’m not kidding).

PS And the political party, Venstre, is not and was not ever really
libertarian except in relation to its opponents. The libertarian party
he is seeking the Liberal Alliance. They are very few and the party
is of recent origin as would befit a group of libertarian Danes.

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