Gaslighting Revisited

Because I can never remember what it means… yeah, I know.

From a Morning Jolt message by Jim Geraghty (I have no idea if that link is valid or long-term, the post can probably be found by searching at NR):

Why Are Conservatives Angry? Because the President Wants to Anger Them.


This is the White House theory of “Stray Voltage.” It is the brainchild of former White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe, whose methods loom large long after his departure. The theory goes like this: Controversy sparks attention, attention provokes conversation, and conversation embeds previously unknown or marginalized ideas in the public consciousness.

Mickey Kaus characterizes the approach as “gaslighting” — giving your opponent a legitimate reason to get angry, then turning around and pointing to their anger as evidence they’re unhinged, obsessed, incapable of governing responsibly, et cetera.

So, maybe I’ll remember after this.

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