And the Police Were There in Minutes

There’s an old saying, when seconds count, the police will be there in minutes. When reading the comments to a post on Ricochet from a Kevin Creighton, he made two interesting points.

First, in reference to the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR:

By all accounts, the response from local law enforcement was as good as it could be. They arrived on-scene in a matter of minutes, and rather than wait for SWAT to roll in, the first officers on-scene began to search for the shooter, found him and neutralized the threat. Twenty minutes later, the crime scene was secure, and the wounded were on their way to the hospital.

The police were there in minutes.

and 10 still died. A real-life, best-case affirmation of that old saw.

In a later comment further down the same page, Mr Creighton followed up with this:

A reminder: We have the playbook for the anti-gun crowd, and Obama followed it almost to the letter.

From that PDF

Overall Messaging Guidance:

#1: Always Focus On Emotional And Value-Driven Arguments About Gun Violence
#2: Tell Stories With Images And Feelings.
#3: Claim Moral Authority And The Mantle Of Freedom
#4: Emphasize That Extraordinarily Dangerous, Military-Style Weapons Are Now Within Easy Reach Across America
#5: Emphasize That America Has Weak Gun Laws And Don’t Assume That People Know That
#6: Challenge The NRA On Your Terms, Not Theirs

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