Endnu en Idiot

That is, yet another idiot. Published. From Snaphanen that follows with a nice quote from Søren Kierkegaard (original Danish below the fold):

She is simply an indication that we live in the time of opinions of which Søren Kierkegaard wrote 150 years ago: “One thinks of the idea of the printing press, perfected to what we see today that can ensure that nothing, no matter how stupid, goes unpublished”.

Hun er kun udtryk for, at vi lever midt i en opinionstid, om hvilken Kierkegaard skrev for 150 år siden: “Man tænke paa Bogtrykker-Kunstens Opfindelse, fuldkommengjort lige ned til Hurtig-Pressen, der kan sikkre os, at intet Skidt og Bundfald bliver ubemærket.”

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