A cuckservative is a Republican who enjoys watching his friends on the right (and indeed his entire country) get screwed by the radical left.

Picked up from Vox who then comments on immigration in general. I found the comments to be overwrought; that said, however, I am in general agreement and would certainly accept an immigration pause of some, even many, years for all but the most qualified (a la the points systems of Australia).

Update (20150802): Well, this certainly went and got out of hand. I can’t say I’m real surprised by this. As the author of the post, Jared Taylor, is described:

[...] he sees it as anomalous that non-Hispanic whites have allowed people of other races to organize themselves politically while not doing so themselves

Well, duh. As white males became (and continue to be) the scapegoat of the failures of all the other groups (aka tribes), why would should anyone be surprised when they react? The more intelligent create the intellectual justifications for this counter-tribalization; the less intellectually inclined will just organize.


While everything that Mr Taylor’s post points out is true, he neglects – or actually glosses over – the fact every coin has two sides. While white people, as such, did create the societies of which he is so proud, it is certainly just as true that (other) white people in those very same societies sabotaged them. As far as I can see then, he’s wrong about this being a strictly racial issue. One need do nothing more than see what’s happening in Sweden, a country as white as white can be, to see the lengths to which white people will work to destroy their own societies.

Update (same day): yet another post about cuckservatives, but this time without a single mention of immigration until the comments (the comments at Taki’s almost as bad as those at Reason). Oh, yeah, the author, while interesting and insightful, may want to see a doctor about that condition in which he persistently pats himself on the back; it’s a bit distracting.

Update (20150803): Kurt Schlichter manages to say the all same things, all without mentioning immigration, race or “cuckservatives”. No less true, however.

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