A Good Life Without Politics

Or as the man wrote Et godt liv uden politik. This post is, in fact, actually a response of sorts to single line in this article, which discusses why immigrants – actually foreigners – were the dominant issue in the recent elections in Denmark. I only want to touch on the, for me, most poignant of Steen’s comments.

Even though I’ve done my best to avoid this election, nobody, of course, is completely unaffected. And now that it has passed, fortunately, and with a better result than I had feared. It is back to normal again. Kasper Støvring wrote [in second link above] again something important the other day, that one could paraphrase to The job of the political system is to ensure that the average citizens can live a life free of politics.

Politics are important for politicians because it’s their livelihood, but if they politicize everything, they’ve done a lousy job. And that is what I think they’ve done, when they could manage to make someone as apolitical as me political. These politicians have split us; the so-called 68′ers [the Euro term for Boomers] wanted to make everything political. Time has shown that they were wrong about everything else, but in this they could become right.

All quotes are given in the original Danish below the fold.

Selvom jeg har gjort mig umage, for at undgå denne valgkamp, er ingen naturligvis helt uberørt. Og nu er den heldigvis overstået med et bedre resultat, end jeg havde frygtet. Det er hverdag igen. Kasper Støvring skrev igen noget vigtigt forleden, som man kunne parafrasere som: “Politikkens opgave er at sørge for, at almindelige borgere kan leve et liv befriet for politik.”

Politik er vigtigt for politikere, fordi de lever af den, men hvis de politiserer alle os andre, har de gjort det deres job dårligt, og det er hvad jeg mener, de har gjort, når de har kunnet politisere et i grunden upolitisk menneske som undertegnede. Disse politikere har splittet os. De såkaldte 68’ere ville, at alt skulle være politik. Tiden viste, at de havde uret, men at de kunne få ret.

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