Transgender Follies

Like I care about transgenders.

But, what can I say? At the very beginning of an article by Gavin McInnes about how to deal with being fired, he mentions why he got fired. From a company he co-founded, no less.

McInnes is an interesting writer that presents little known information that sabotages the Leftist cant of modern society. In this case, he got fired for writing an article arguing against the idea that transgenders are perfectly normal:

Of course it’s fucking unusual. We’re all transphobic. We aren’t blind. We see there are no old trannies. They die of drug overdoses and suicide way before they’re 40 and nobody notices because nobody knows them. They are mentally ill gays who need help, and that help doesn’t include being maimed by physicians.

The article linked above references this. I found this. And this came by as well. In essence, trangenders have remarkably high rates of suicide.

So, no, Bruce, it’s not the new normal.

PS. The link about being fired is good too

Update (same day): When you’ve accepted – heck, when you believe that it’s natural to maim sex organs, what’s next? McInnes tracks BIID or body integrity identity disorder.

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